The Enneagram in the Workplace


Organizations become more agile and teams more self-organizing. Insight into yourself and others is therefore more important than ever. The Enneagram is a proven model that describes nine personality types. It offers tools with which you can communicate more effectively, manage more consciously and achieve better results with teams. The Enneagram theory clarifies which of the nine types applies to you the most. Each type uses a specific strategy as a means to success, but each approach also entails obstacles. Understanding your type helps you better understand your own motives, making it easier to reach your goals. The Enneagram offers many leads for (team) coaching, talent development and organizational change. In this book you will be introduced to the Enneagram and the application possibilities in your daily practice. Author Oscar David started working with the Enneagram in 1993 and has introduced it to a large number of organizations. This book is full of practical experiences from managers and professionals with whom he has worked over the past decades. The original Dutch edition of The Enneagram in the Workplace has been a bestseller and has sold more than 10,000 copies to date.

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