Rock bottom to rock hard


How do you deal with loss, grief, setbacks, illness and the rollercoaster of emotions that comes along with it? What do you do when you hit rock bottom? Saskia van Gelder knows the depths of despair. In this book she shares her incredible life story, being robbed of her children, years of custody battles in court, her spirit broken and her body terminally ill. She victoriously overcame it all, becoming the most inspiring female, vegan and 60+ bodybuilder in the Western and Arab world. Saskia has developed a simple but powerful five step plan to rebuild your body, mind and spirit, transforming you from a victim into a victor. Based on the principles of the body-mind connection, combining a plant-based diet, a spiritual practice and a well thought out exercise routine. As your personal coach and trainer she will help you through the rough moments, cheering you on to victory. With inspiring stories and many practical tips. Now it is up to you! Let's start and take the first step towards transforming your challenges into a rock solid foundation. Becoming the most radiant, resilient and powerful human being you can be.

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