Remedies for Human Rights Violations by the European Union


Where EU action affects the legal or factual situation of an individual, guarantees for the affected person's rights must exist. If rights have been violated, a remedy must be provided. This book examines how the EU may be held accountable for violations of human rights through procedures and remedies available to the individual applicant, within the EU's legal system and beyond. The first Part of the book highlights the significant challenges in the process of claiming remedies for human rights violations committed by the EU. Part II examines the increasing significance of the remedy provided by the principle of non-contractual liability in the framework of EU human rights law. Part III goes a step beyond and examines potential remedies in the sphere of international law, both as an alternative to the EU's legal system and additional protection. The book contains a comprehensive analysis of substantial and procedural, EU and international, law. It is a detailed and informed handbook for students, academics and practitioners alike.

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