Mindful leadership


Feel like the world is passing you by as you rush through another workday? Like you never have enough energy to manage the team youre supposed to be leading? Like you cant even accomplish yourself what you set out to achieve? What you need is focus. Focus is at the core of effective leadership, but cultivating it has become daunting in our age of globalization, fast technological change, and environmental challenges. As a leader, you need tools to navigate these unknown territories. One of the most effective tools is mindfulness: paying attention, openly and curiously, to what happens in the present moment. This book is full of insights and exercises that teach leaders and leaders-to-be how to practice mindfulness. It shows how mindfulness allows you to become more mentally and physically resilient, moreeasily able to switch between action and refl ection, and better equipped at knowing when to focus on yourself or the world around you. But mindfulness-based leadership doesnt stop there. By learning to focus, you learn to work with your team more effectively. Nurturing a mindful corporate culture helps you solve problems and build healthy strategies that will benefit you, your colleagues, and your organization. In this book, Wibo Koole, a long-standing corporate leadership expert and management consultant, and director of the Center for Mindfulness in Amsterdam, provides the fi rst comprehensive framework for mindfulness-based leadership and teamwork.

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