The joint effort society is a new political engagement model. This book shows how decisionmaking, behaviour and institutionalization - technology can contribute to a rising level of wellbeing for all people. It also describes how to create a joint effort society, where all individuals are equal and freely associate into the new political engagement model that is rooted in open and connected local communities, allowing individuals to engage, participate and learn. A reviewer said about the book: 'JES! is more of a manifest or at least a book filled with ideas how to shape society. Fascinating, ambitious and worth reading.' The approach that leads towards a joint effort society is called ecolution. It involves a transition towards a higher ecological, economic, social and psychological level that takes the wellbeing of 7 billion people into account each time we act. The theory of ecolution offers a new conceptual framework, toolbox and method in the form of a dynamic matrix. It supports growing awareness and inspires to different thinking and acting. JES! is the English follow-up of Allemaal Winnen, duurzame regionale ontwikkeling, Ecolutie (Only Winners, sustainable regional development, Ecolution) which was the PhD thesis Frank van Empel co-authored, April 2012, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL. Authors: Frank van Empel & Caro Sicking Published by nonfiXe, Nl, in cooperation with Leanpub, Canada. Copies ordered at are automatically updated.

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