How to not kill yourself


Men don't have mental health problems. Well maybe they do, but they struggle to talk about them and to ask for help. David Mangene wants to help this situation by removing the taboo, and encouraging men especially to talk about mental health issues. David has struggled his entire adult life with depression, mania, and suicidal thoughts. In this book he uses humor as a vehicle to write candidly, and quite bluntly at times, about his own life and the reasons to carry on living. “And one last thing: this isn't a book about 'being happy'. It's a book about staying alive. About perseverance and resilience and survival. It's about optimism and hope, despite all the pain and suffering we endure. But if you read it and feel joy, then hallefuckinglujah my brothers and sisters! I'd be thrilled to hear about that. Happiness, though, is not my intention. Truth be told, I barely even know what happiness is.”

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